>Developing Digital Outcomes

Timers and other activities made with a Makey Makey or micro:bit 

One way that I have wanted to consolidate the learning is to demonstrate how ideas can be created using the different peripherals such as a Makey Makey or a micro:bit.

I have used many of these fun activities in the videos below as a way to get students to make an informed decision as to how to solve a problem using the right tool.

micro:bit Speedometer

Scratch and Makey Makey Lap Timer

micro:bit Reaction Timer

micro:bit Frustration 

As an example for a Maths activity, the students could use the lap timer, reaction timer or frustration game to collect data for entering into spreadsheet software and that data is analysed to prove or disprove a given hypothesis.

micro:bit HaloHD

I have also purchased Halo HD which is a great device to turn a micro:bit into a visual device such as a clock, stopwatch or a compass.

I usually get the students to work out how to do this by completing some basic tutorials and then using the knowledge from there to develop the right digital outcome. 

Much of the peripherals I use in school such as micro:bit and Maqueen have been purchased from Learning Developments

I am also privileged to have my experience with Halo HD published on the first 'Feature Teacher' blog on the Learning developments website. You can read about it here