>'Packaging' The Lessons

Here are some of the things that I use on a weekly basis. I have found it easier to 'package' my lessons in plastic crates as this then allows for me to have these resources organised according to the lesson content. 

You would need to gather some materials for using with Makey Makey, micro:bits and other electronic projects... 

  • Conductive materials (Aluminum foil, aluminum or copper tape, wire, PlayDoh)

  • Makey Makey

  • micro:bit

  • Alligator clips

  • Cardboard boxes 

  • Spare wood / cardboard and plastic tubing 

  • Tape or glue

  • Scissors or craft knives

  • Wire cutters and/or pliers

Aluminum foil, wood, cardboard...

Tape, speaker wire, wire cutters, pliers, scissors...

Tape: Insulating tape, masking tape, double sided tape, magnetic tape...   

Makey Makey


Soil Moisture


Reaction Timer

General Equipment