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'Teach The Teacher' 

Our school currently has no formal assessment for any of the Tech and Arts specialist subjects.  As a result, one of the ways we get our students to collect evidence of their learning is through a 'digital portfolio'. As a way of consolidating the learning in class and to also find a way of classroom teachers and parents to understand what students do in Digital Technologies, I developed the 'Teach The Teacher' idea. 

The way this works is each student chooses an activity that they have enjoyed throughout the term and they then plan how they are going to teach their teacher what they learned. This takes the format of a Google slide that has a framework or template on the pages that each student completes in their own time.

I have allowed the students to chose how they do the 'Teach The Teacher' 'lesson'. This can be done either on their own or in pairs or in groups. They can also choose how long the lesson lasts. This allows for those that are not very confident in presenting to still take part but they do not have to be the main presenter if they wish not to be.

In the process, the student has collected evidence of their learning which then allows them to review their learning at the end of the year through scheduled Student Led Conferences or their class teacher can use this in their mid year or end of year report. This reflection tool has had moderate success and has the scope to be developed further.