>Term 1, 2021: Year 7

>Term 1, 2021: Year 7

For the start of my 'new venture', I have decided to concentrate on getting both the Year 7 students and their teachers up to speed.

the Term 2 lessons will alternate between Year 7 and Year 8 each week. This will allow regular sessions spread throughout Terms 2 to 4 instead of all the learning concentrated into six weeks of the year.

This is part of the initial email I have sent the Year 7 teachers:

"I would like to find some time to explain my 'bigger picture' thinking around how we want to progress with DigiTech throughout this term. The intended objective is to allow you to drive your learning by having an input into what is taught and how this is done. But I suspect you won't have much of an idea unless you see some of the 'lessons' that are possible.

"No rush, but I would like you to have a think about the best way for you all to learn and grow your knowledge. As part of your own learning, you will need to be familiar with using Scratch, Makey Makey and micro:bits. Do you want this to be done in class with you learning beside your students or would you like a familiarise yourself before we teach the students in your class? I need to have some idea as I would like you to be comfortable with your new learning but at the same time, it needs to be easy for me to help you to learn."

The feedback that I received regarding the sessions in Term 1 were positive. Here are some paraphrased statements from both staff and students:

"I found it really enjoyable and helpful when you took my class last week, and I felt like I definitely learnt heaps..."

"...it was quite valuable for the kids to see that I don't know it all..."

"I liked that I was able to 'fail' alongside the students..."

"Thanks for the great lesson Matua. That was fun!"

"Am I allowed to log on to my account and do some more Scratch at home in my spare time?"

Posted: Friday 17 December 2021