>Term 2, 2021: Years 7&8

>Term 2, 2021: Years 7&8

By Term 2, most students have a basic understanding of what is on offer within DigiTech lessons based on what they have learned previously.

One of my aims around the delivery of DigiTech is to be able to incorporate the learning into other curriculum areas without my colleagues having to do any 'extra work' on top of what they already do. I appreciate that most of my colleagues did not have much of an idea as to how this will work. So I wanted to find out more around what their needs are for the rest of the year.

My intention in Term 2 is to be in class for one block every fortnight. From my perspective, I can happily provide DigiTech activities that can compliment what is already happening in the classroom. The medium term challenge for me was to provide the right activity for what is happening in a practical and sustainable way.

So, to facilitate this, I had a korero with my colleagues as to where they are at in the school curriculum plan so that can happen as easily as possible. That korero could was either via email or in person. However, having several conversations on an individual basis was not the most practical way to make this happen. They probably needed to know a bit more about what was on offer in terms of hardware, software and peripherals such as Makey Makey, micro:bits, robotics and electronics.

To get an idea of what was possible, some classes had a look at how they could integrate DigiTech into their learning. An example of this was the two classes who chose to working with the robotics kit to compliment the theme of 'Space' that was part of the Science curriculum plan. The ideas mostly came from the students with very little input from their classroom teachers or myself. Some other students were also starting to connected to their prior DigiTech learning and knowledge to individual pieces of work or projects.

I didn't want to put too much onto my colleagues plates. So I made the decision to continue to provide the DigiTech class content for the first few weeks of the term. After that, we will had further discussions on how to best provide for each teacher as this needed to be both achievable and sustainable for us going forward...

Posted: Thursday 16 December 2021