Reflecting on Progress in 2023

Reflecting on Progress in 2023

I am half way through 2023 and this year has not been without several changes to my schedule and workload. So, this reflection is a timely reminder for me to pause and take a breath. Last year, I undertook a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. The study was intended to improve my understanding of both Science and Maths and was complinentary to what I was aiming to achieve with the cross curricular integration of Digital Technologies within the wider curricululm. 

As a result of the Postgrad studies, I decided to take up the opportunity to complete an additional paper, STEM Education Years 0-8. I had primarily taken part in this study as part of my personal professional development. I initially only did these papers to gain the knowledge to enhance what I was doing within my DigiTech lessons. As I have now completed these papers, I have decided to extend my study and work towards a Masters qualification with the focus being in the area of STEM Education. This is important for me as I feel STEM education supports learning across the curriculum and this needs to be strengthened within our schools. 

This year has also been fulfilling as I have been involved with the Te Mātaiaho - the refreshed NZ Curriculum programme. I am proud to have been selected as part of the writing team for Technololgy learning area. I personally think this mahi is important as I would like to strengthen Technology as a learning area and make the links to the other learning areas more apparent than they currently are.  

I have also been committed to my work as President of DTTA. The committee and I have been working in the background on some exciting initiatives. We will be taking part in only the second TESAC Conference which will be held in Ōtutahi Christchurch in April 2024. TESAC is a coalition of Technology Subject Associations which comprises of DTTA, NZGATTA, TENZ and HETTANZ. The purpose of TESAC is to foster a common identity for technology education through collaboration, communication, and connectivity between the four Technology subject associations  This conference came about through our monthly catch-ups as we all wanted to raise the profile of Technology within all schools across Aotearoa. 

The last half of year has also brought about a change to my teaching schedule. A change of staff has meant that I have moved from teaching Digital Tech alongside my colleagues back into teaching within the Specialist Subject rotation. This time has been invaluable as I have used the last couple of years to develop many of the learning opportunities and lessons that further supports cross-curicular learning through student agency within an authentic context. It has given me the ability to confidently share some of these ideas and lessons within other DTTA members and across other networks.

These constant changes and moving goalposts are a positive sign that I can work in an agile way to support the growth that takes place at school as well as my own personal growth. My challenge now is to channel that growth for the benefit of my ākonga and kaiako at school and beyond. Bring on the challenge! 

Posted: Friday 26 May 2023